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Seafood & Fresh Fish


Salmon Purses ~ lightly grilled salmon wrapped in phyllo dough napped with a light cream sauce


Broiled Whole Boneless Salmon with julienne vegetables in dill sauce


Salmon Filet with choice of:

arugula, tomato & caper sauce

soy ginger glaze

papaya salsa

blackening seasoning

tequila lime marinade


Tuna Au Poivre ~

tuna steak grilled with a thin layer of cracked pepper, served medium rare napped with Cognac sauce


Grilled Ahi Tuna Steak ~

with wasabi aioli


Oven Roasted Sea Bass with ginger & lime sauce


Miso Marinated Sea Bass with beurre blanc


Prawns Bordelaise ~

prawns sauteed with lemon, butter & garlic & finished off with white wine


Seafood Brochettes ~

salmon, swordfish & tuna, skewered & grilled with Santa Maria spices or marinated in rum, guava & jerk spices



Loin of Pork with plum brandy sauce


Mustard & Fennel Crusted Pork Loin with Cumberland pan sauce


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